Μετάβαση στο κύριο περιεχόμενο


Romania is the only country in Europe in which:
- Dogs are abused and killed with impunity, and this is something normal;
- The new law of killing stray dogs permit to kill them by electrocuting, gassing with carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, nitrogen, argon or potassium chloride or penetrating captive bolt
- Orthodox Church instigate cruel killing of dogs (even on the Easter Holidays) (Not all priests, but most of them do this. It all started with the head of this church Patriarch Daniel);
- By law, dogs can be slaughtered on the spot, without giving them the change of being adopted (the recently ratified law has a backdoor that allows this);
- The media openly instigate torturing, killing of animals and violence against animal lovers, and this is welcomed by the authorities who ought to monitor and punish them instead;
- The careless parents and grandparents receive congratulations and are treated as national heroes, while the blame is always directed towards weather conditions, animals, cars, etc.
- Parents send their 7-year children to buy cigarettes and booze, and if they happen to be somehow attacked by humans or animals (domestic or wild), parents have absolutely no guilt;
- State-owned dog-shelters are rather concentration camps (the food is stolen and sold by the dog-catchers; dogs do not receive any water, are overcrowded, about 20 into a paddock; they have to eat each other and the easiest diseases are eradicated by killing);
- Dog-catchers (they are not vets, but Gypsies paid the minimum wage, who know nothing about animal behavior) use primitive methods of catching dogs – pliers to crush the throat of the dogs, in front of children, or chains that break the necks of the animals when dogs get scared and violently pull in all directions;
- Catching dogs is left to the reach of anyone, even companies that normally offer dental services have won contracts with municipalities and more recently, mayors pay 5-10 lei (1-2 euro) per dog caught and brought to the hall to be killed. Most times dogs are brought already dead, the killing methods being the most cruel (poisoning, shooting, electrocution, hitting with a shovel or hammer straight into the head, stabbing, etc.)
- Children are taught to abuse and kill small animals, especially dogs. In an interview during a pro-killing dogs protest, several kids were asked what they would do to dogs. Most of them replied they would shoot them, although dogs had never done them any harm, furthermore some even admitted they loved dogs and they were dragged there by parents who sadistically wanted to kill dogs.
- Animal welfare is a totally unknown concept, although there are regulations in the European Union and Romania even ratified a treaty which established that animals are sentient beings and have the right to be treated with love and compassion
- Children who love animals and their parents who educate their children in this way have no rights, but instead they are subjected daily to extreme psychological torture just because they are good people, loving life and respect all beings created by God and know how to treat animals so they live in peace with all beings whose habitat man invaded
- Animals abandoned on the streets are treated as objects or recyclable bottles, although man himself is guilty of this situation
- There is absolutely no abandon prevention program, although at city level there is a Local Council decision that all dogs with or without owner should be neutered, micro-chipped and registered in a database (this decision has been made only 3 months ago, this year, but it has not been implemented yet)
- Dog-related business are very prosperous business – local authorities breed dogs in state-owned shelters or encourage abandonment, then release dogs back in the streets, then hire companies to catch dogs back, hold them in shelters,  steal and sell their food, no water and no medical care (although on paper everything is perfect, but the photos tell the whole truth) , adoption programs are not advertised at all in the public media or in any other media, then dogs are killed with a shovel (on paper they are euthanized with expensive 200 euros worth chemicals) and incinerated for some more money and that has happened for the last 20 years and more.
- Those who should control and punish such abuses are corrupted and make fun of those who report cases of animal abuse
- Police encourages criminals who mistreat or cruelly kill animals, letting them get away with these illegal acts, while having fun watching these acts of cruelty
- Police abuse animal lovers instead of protecting them
- Local authorities allocate millions each year for tackling abandoned dogs, but in reality this money goes into the large pockets of politicians, who then shout back there’s no money left for neutering, only a few left for euthanizing.
- Animals are killed in the street (in the rural area that is something normal), dogs are bound with a 1 m long chain, instead of collar dogs are given rusty wire to hold their neck, and beaten to death if they dare to eat Romanian peasant’s chicken.
- Dogs are treated as practice targets, and if they found in the woods, they are shot on spot. Registered hunters even entered inside city limits, invited by mayors to shoot dogs
- Animal welfare organizations are forbidden to attend any euthanasia of dogs held in state-owned shelters
- Dogs that bark are considered aggressive
- Dog-catchers beat animal lovers
- Whores and junkies are well-respected representatives and leaders of those seeking cruel death of dogs and the Romanian Mothers’ Association worshiper and follow them
- Justice pre-empt, ignores witnesses’ statements and challenge obvious evidence
In 2013, Romania took a step back , adopting a law that allows cruel slaughters of dogs (unfortunately this is the translation of euthanasia in Romania), supposedly after 14 days , but in reality dogs can be killed on the spot if there are no funds to shelter them for 14 days.
This measure was enforced during 2001-2007 by Traian Basescu, then the mayor of the capital city of Bucharest, who is now the president (who instantly  promulgated the new law), when only in Bucharest over 140,000 dogs were killed by injection of air into the heart or other cruel methods, while the amount of money the mayor paid for this raised up to 9,000,000 euro, a cruel measure that not only failed to diminished the number of dogs on the street, but instead it increased the number and thus enhanced violence on humans and animals.
During 2010-2013, since the campaign of killing dogs has resumed, three people have been killed when trying to protect abused dogs. Comments on the press articles were horrifying. Most congratulated those who had killed people trying to protect those “bitches”.
Animal lovers’ children have no rights; they are subjected to unimaginable torture. Every day, when people leave the house, they find bodies of poisoned dogs and Internet and media roar of methods to do that.
If you want to know HELL, come to ROMANIA!

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